WunderBrick.com is simply the result of my passion for the VW Vanagon.  Ever since I purchased my fisrt 1985 Vangon GL in 2003 I have been obsessed with the Vanagon.  To me (I make no claim to be an expert) the Vanagon is the greatest car in all the world!  It is practical, diverse, spacious, rugged, comfortable and has the most character of any modern classic car.  * Disclaimer: The previous sentence is only my opinion.  Most people I know including my wife, parents and close friends think I’m retarded and can’t understand why I drive or own one of these things.

As I stated before, I purchased my first Vanagon in 2003.  I drove the crap out of that thing.  During that period of my life I would often find myself waking up in the morning, safely wrapped in my sleeping bag in the back of my Vanagon, avoiding the dreaded DUI (yet another example of how practicle this vehicle is).  Sometimes friends drove me home, in which case I was usually passed out.

Anyways this was the beging of my infatuation with the Vanagon.  I soon started researching Vanagons.  Got on the web, discovered GoWesty, Van-Cafe (then Volks-Cafe), T3Technique, TheBusDepot, VanAgain, SmallCar, H2OVanaon, BrickWerks, TheBrickYard and countless other Vanagon related sites.  By far I spent the most time in the Vanagon section of TheSamba, often getting lost for hours reading all the posts and checking out what other people were doing or attempting to do their Vanagons.

This about page is a work in progress and is really my first post using WordPress.